Gdansk gate to gate tour

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Beginning the walking tour around Gdansk we will start from the Upland Gate – the 16th century entrance to the Old Town of Gdansk.
After entering the Upland Gate like many polish kings in the past, we will walk along famous Royal Route to discover beauty of Long Street.
On the way to Long Market, we will step into to the largest brick church worldwide-Basilica of Saint Mary’s.
Then we will take a closer look at the fourteenth-century construction of the Main Town Hall and located on the Long Market, the famous symbol of Gdansk-Neptune Fountain.
After passing through the historic Green Gate we will enter the Long Embankment to have a look on the area of original port of Gdansk together with its beautiful monument of the medieval Great Crane.
Walking along Motlawa river, will take us to the area of Gdansk shipyard where movement of Solidarity was born after the strike of shipyard workers in 1980.
We will enter “Health and Safety at Work Hall” a place where strike committee signed the agreement with representatives of the communist government on August 31st 1980 (open daily 10:00-18:00 unless reserved for other events)
Next point is viewing terrace located on the 6th floor of European Center of Solidarity (available during opening hours) end our walk will end in the area of the historic gate No. 2 of the Gdansk Shipyard and the Monument to the Fallen Shipyard Workers of 1970.

Duration: 3h
Walking distance: 4km
Price: PLN 300.00 / EUR 70.00 per trip (not per person)

The charms of old Gdansk

  • Monuments 95% 95%
  • History 85% 85%
  • Charm 100% 100%

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